Matt Brown

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Located at 43oo N. Troy St. in Chicago, IL. Matt also teaches online lessons.

Matt typically offers lessons in all genres (on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, or electric bass) from his home in the Irving Park neighborhood of Chicago. Or, if you're not local, or prefer to take lessons from the comfort of your own home, Matt also offers private lessons via Skype, Zoom, etc.


Matt prefers not to teach to a set curriculum. Every student is unique and a unique lesson strategy is devised for every student. 

Services Offered:

-Guitar Lessons 

-Bass Lessons

-Ukulele Lessons

-Music Theory Lessons

-Ear Training Lessons

-Songwriting Lessons

-Audition Prep Lessons

-Recording/Music Production Lessons

-Session Playing

-Live Guitar Performances

2020 Prices:

Single Lesson Prices

$65 - 1 hr.

$50 - 45 mins.

$35 - 30 mins.

Bulk Discounts

 5 30 mins. $155

 5 45 mins. $225

 5 1 hr. $300