Matt Brown

Claire Corriveau

Nick Guthrie

Located at 1430 N. Maplewood Ave. in Chicago. Matt also teaches online lessons.

Located at W. Montrose and N. Springfield Ave. in Chicago. Claire also teaches online lessons.

Nick teaches online bass lessons and transcribes from home.

Services Offered:

-Guitar Lessons 

-Bass Lessons

-Ukulele Lessons

-Music Theory Lessons

-Ear Training Lessons

-Songwriting Lessons

-Audition Prep Lessons

-Recording/Music Production Lessons

-Session Playing

-Live Guitar Performances

Matt typically offers lessons in all genres (on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, or electric bass) from his home in the West Town area of Chicago. Or, if you're not local, or prefer to take lessons from the comfort of your own home, Matt also offers private lessons via Skype.


Matt prefers not to teach to a set curriculum. Every student is unique and a unique lesson strategy is devised for every student. 

2020 Prices:

$60 - 1 hr.

$45 - 45 mins.

$32 - 30 mins.

Bulk Discounts (For Matt Only):

 5 30 mins. $150

 5 45 mins. $200

 5 1 hr. $270

Services Offered:

-Guitar Lessons 

-Piano Lessons

-Voice Lessons

-Music Theory Lessons

-Ear Training Lessons

-Audition Prep Lessons

-Songwriting Lessons

-Ukulele Lessons

Claire is currently accepting new students! If you would like to sign up for lessons with Claire or would like more information about the services she offers, please send an email by using the 'Contact' page. 


Claire offers lessons in nearly every genre from her home in the Logan Square area of Chicago.


Claire believes that music is an essential element of a child's education, regardless of whether the child is training to perform at a campfire or Carnegie Hall. Her teaching approach is student-driven and collaborative. She helps guide her students through songs of their choice, incorporating skill-level appropriate theory and ear training techniques. This allows kids to develop an understanding of the music they're most passionate for, while also growing their interest and enthusiasm.

2020 Prices:

$60 - 1 hr.

$45 - 45 mins.

$30 - 30 mins.

Services Offered:

-Bass Lessons

-Bass Transcriptions

2020 Prices:

$60 - 1 hr.

$45 - 45 mins.

$30 - 30 mins.

Reviews for Matt:

All About Basketball

Matt is an excellent teacher when it comes to Nirvana. As a die hard Nirvana fan who started learning guitar roughly a year or so ago, Matt made the process fairly easy with his guitar videos. The song I remember most clearly is "Floyd the barber" he is excellent to learn from with a large collection of Nirvana and other groups.


Nico Figueroa

Matt has been nothing but a great teacher to me throughout my guitar journey. He taught me everything from basics to intermediate technique. Matt is very patient and will gladly go through something step by step to ensure that you understand a concept.

Karl Schill

Excellent! Very helpful!
Takes the time to explain. That's very important and makes learning to play easier and for me fun to learn. 
Thanks again Matt and I wish you all the best.

Marc Villanueva

Matt is a great instructor. The detail he provided in his lessons made it easy for me to learn some of my favorite songs! He also provides free, high quality lessons on his YouTube channel. Definitely check him out!

Cassandra Grafström

I’ve been taking lessons from Matt for about 8 months and he is just fantastic! I went from effectively not knowing how to hold a guitar to changing strings, playing relatively complex chords and enjoying my new hobby. He is really flexible in terms of the songs in your progression, creating simplified versions of songs and artists you actually like. He is encouraging while still providing useful feedback that helps you improve. I cannot say enough good things about him! 

Chris Adams

Matt has an outstanding method to teaching and I look to see if he's covered or done tutorials on any song our cover band decided to play. Super helpful in providing tab too! Thanks a ton Matt!


I play in a cover band and I’ve had a hell of a time finding good tabs online until I found Matt Brown! His transcriptions are professional and very accurate! Thanks Matt!

Raspberry Beret

Really really nice guy and an excellent teacher. Explains the theory behind the music which lots of people neglect to do. Thank you so much for the tabs and for all your excellent videos !

Elias Willebrand

Great free guitar lessons! Matt is a great teatcher and explains how to play a song in great detail. Whenever I can't figure out how to play a song, I go to Matt. He has so many Nirvana lessons (which I like the most, I'm a Nirvana freak) and many others, just sitting there in his channel, and you can be taught for free! Overall, a great teacher and he has helped me with every Nirvana song i can play! Thank you Matt!


Great place! Would definetely reccomend!



Great group of people, friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn an instrument!

Reece Hughes

Great guitarist & very helpful with guitar tutorials, has a great YouTube account with very detailed guitar lessons.
5 star.

Patrick Doyle

Made learning the guitar so seemingly easy.

James Dearness

Matt brown is the best, his youtube channel is the best if you want to learn a Nirvana song no one does it better that matt, if you are a nirvana fan this is the man that can teach you the right way to play the songs, please give matt support for teaching us, follow him on youtube,instragram,facebook,twitter and if you live in chicago go get lessons, Thanks Matt for making it easy to learn to play.

Adan Tortoledo

Best Lesson Maker In The Game Period!!!

Rose Baez

Matt is an amazing guitar teacher! New to playing, my 9 year old daughter loves taking lessons with him. He explains the notes and chord progressions in a manner that is not only enjoyable but very easy to understand. Thank you Matt!

Sonic Seesaw

Dude kicked out the best instruction available online for a song I've been trying to learn, then graciously emailed me the tabs for it, which are the most accurate and pro tabs for this song I've found - after hours of searching online. Solid.


Cool guy with great taste in music. Excellent teacher.

Bruce Chernofsky

Matt has the best lessons and tabs. If you're not in Chicago check out his YouTube channel.


Awesome lessons,

even received some tabs when I asked :)

I didn‘t meet Matt in person yet but his videos are really easy to follow and his Beatles and Nirvana tutorials are not only easy to understand but also entertaining to watch and pretty much straight to the point in a very good way!

Greetings from Germany ;)

Nelson Hanneken

I've only used the online portion of his lessons, but Matt is a helpful teacher, who can slow down his instruction to match anyone's pace. He covers a wide variety of subjects, and has both video lessons and traditional sheet music to guide you.


With so much content around that over promises, it was really refreshing to find Matt Brown’s Guitar Studio. A great resource that’s well produced, informative and a genuinely personal experience. With plenty of detail, clear audio and great feed back for all abilities, it’s content worth bookmarking and spreading the word!
Thanks Matt :)
#basslessons #guitarlessons #bass #guitar
TimL (UK)

The burrito67

Such an amazing teacher, he slows it down and explains everything in amazing detail. Most everything I have learned on guitar has been from this absolute genius. Highly recomended for beginner to intermediate guitar players.


Matt is just such a great teacher. I usually go on YouTube to watch his lessons because I don’t live anywhere near Chicago. He just explains things in such a detail oriented manner and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher. I highly reccomend him.

Nope Noperson

Matt's lessons are fantastic, he takes things slow to the point where its perfectly comprehendible but not too slow so that its a drudge to get through, but still not so fast that you easily get lost. I emailed him about a transcription for a solo and he got back to me faster than I could've possibly expected and was so polite in his response that I was genuinely taken back a little.


Awesome guitar teacher. Very simple and breaks it down easily. Taught me almost all the song I know how to play today!

Sam Ts

Matt brown is a great guitar player and an even better person. Thank you!

Robert Owen

Matt is awesome! I've been taking online lessons with him for a few years now. He has helped me to advance my playing and made me examine areas where I needed to improve over this time period. Highly recommended.


really nice practice studio space. very relaxed and low commitment. super communicative. with his knowledge level the price is very fair. great for beginners.

Tim Sweeney

Amazing set up. Very flexible with work schedule and creates lessons that cater to the individual. Highly recommend.

Tom D

Great guy with a wealth of knowledge! Really has his act together!

Jess Scott

I was really nervous about taking lessons, but Matt put me at ease right away. He's a really down to earth person and really helped me build my confidence when I was first starting out. I'm by no means an expert at this point, but I really feel like I continue to improve quickly with my lessons.


Excellent teacher, replies fast, even sent me tabs.

Common Blind Man

I love and respect the work he's doing. :)

Danielle Summers

I have taken lessons with Matt off and on for about a year now. I started as a total beginner. In just a few months, I was playing some of my favorite songs and writing some of my own! I never thought that I would advance as much as I have. That just goes to show how great of a teacher Matt is. He's a really patient and kind person, but you can always count on him to tell you what you are doing wrong or what you could be doing better. I'm always asking "what should I be doing to get better?" Matt always has an endless for me to work on! haha! Something else I feel like I should say is that lessons with Matt are always fun. I first started practicing about a half an hour a day, but now I'm up to an hour or sometimes two hours. The more I learn, the more I want to play. :)

Tiny Tornado

Matt played the acoustic guitar at my friends outdoor wedding ceremony this summer. He did a great job and sounded lovely. My friend said he was easy to work with and was able to take non traditional songs and play them acoustically. Recommend!

Marie Godfrey

Just awesome guy & awesome business! Much appreciate all of your help!

Larry Brown

Matt played for our daughter's wedding and we couldn't have been happier with the results. His acoustic guitar playing before the wedding ceremony set just the right tone and filled the church with beautiful music. Matt's playing gave a jumpstart to a glorious evening.

Reviews for Claire:


Guitar · In home

Claire is great! Having a blast and learning the ropes.


Guitar · In home

Claire teaches guitar, both electric and acoustic, to one of my children and voice to the other. They both love working with her and have greatly increased their skills.

Jacob D. 

Acoustic Guitar · In home

 Great teacher! Relaxed, enthusiastic, and helped me with exactly what I wanted.


Piano · In studio

A casual, informative time with relentless positivity. Lessons go by your pace and Claire's been more than equipped to address any side questions that come up at will.


Piano · In home

Claire was great with my kids - very positive! Awesome person and teacher!


Singing · In studio

Claire is awesome! Not only is she very talented and patient, she makes an effort to make me feel comfortable and confident during the lesson. Super fabulous :)


Singing · In studio

I've got little natural ability but I love to sing, a combination that means I pretty much sing alone in my car. In the dark. (haha) I knew I could improve, but the thought of taking lessons was so frightening that I put it off for decades. I wish I hadn't! Claire has a smart intuitive and always-positive style of teaching, honing in on just what I need to focus on to improve. Something else that helps me is to visualize what's happening when sound is made, and Claire is aware of the physicality behind a voice and describes it well. She's a really great communicator in addition to being a superbly knowledgeable and talented musician. If you've been putting off singing lessons out of fear or whatever, Claire's the teacher for you.


Singing · In studio

Claire is wonderful. She always creates a fun, positive learning environment. She's great at giving feedback to improve your technique in a practical, constructive way. I would highly recommend her!


Ukulele · In studio

Claire has been a delight as a teacher and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer). I started from basically no musical training in many years and even a little apprehensive at the beginning. Claire teaches with such positivity that I did not feel self conscious or discouraged at any point. I felt very good about the progress from day one and was able to build on that. Claire has a deep technical understanding of music, but it's really her style and empathy that makes her effective, in my opinion. I have a ways to go, but I now have a base to improve from. I am no longer apprehensive in the least and look forward to each lesson. I highly recommend her as a teacher.

Merrill S.

Acoustic Guitar · In studio

Claire is just awesome. I have had several instructors over the years. None have been as fun and knowledgable as Claire. I learned more in just a few lessons than i had with other instructors. I am so disappointed my work schedule changed and I can’t continue. I highly recommend Claire for any age.



Ukulele · In studio

Clare teaches with a philosophy of "relentless positivity" that is both reassuring and motivating. She's in it with you.


Piano · In home

We've loved having Claire in our home for the past 3 years - she's a good balance of fun and seriousness, and our girls have had a blast!

Merrill S. 

Acoustic Guitar · In home

I have taken lessons before with a few teachers. Claire is the first one I have had that I felt I really walked away learning something in our first meeting. She is very personable, open, and knowledgeable. I really enjoy our lessons.


Piano · In home

Claire teaches my son and daughter piano and guitar. Her teaching style is thorough, meaning she understands that kids learn different ways, and she teaches to their interests and strengths; until they get it. She is incredibly professional and fun. She is also an excellent musician in her own right.


Classical Piano · In home

My son enjoys the lessons with Claire. She makes him feel confident and is a perfect fit with his personality.


Piano · In home

Claire has a wonderfully fun and patient attitude teaching kids. She's great with making the lessons both entertaining and productive.


Music Theory · In home

I had taken piano lessons as a child but never learned music theory. Claire has patiently taught me about theory in a way that makes sense to me. She listens to my questions and tailors our lessons to aspects that I want to learn. Plus, she is in a band and is super cool! Great teacher!!

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